Preserve Clean Air

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Thank you for taking action to preserve clean air from soot pollution!

The Adirondack Park has suffered from some of the worst effects of air pollution from upwind coal-fired power plants in the nation. The Adirondacks are considered the “canary in the coal mine,” alerting scientists to the negative impacts of acid rain, smog, and mercury on the Park’s sensitive waters, forests, wildlife, and scenic vistas. At current air pollution rates, some of the most profoundly damaged Adirondack waters will take hundreds of years to fully recover and support aquatic life again. Additional cuts in air pollutants must be implemented to speed the recovery of the Park’s ecosystems and protect human health in rural and urban environments.

Your gift will support our advocacy for stronger soot pollution standards to better protect our clean air and water, improve human health and adequately address the ecological threats to our environment in the Adirondacks and beyond.