Year-End Match

1:1 matching gifts up to $205,000 thanks to generous long-time donors!

This giving season, a group of long-term donors and advocates have come together to offer a special, year-end matching gift challenge. Thanks to their generosity, all gifts received by December 31 will be matched 1:1 up to $205,000. Your gift will support our conservation, advocacy and education efforts on behalf of the six-million-acre Adirondack Park.

Below are some ways your investment helps preserve the water, air and wildlands for current and future generations.

  • $10 helps share news, information and action alerts about important Adirondack conservation issues on social media.
  • $25 or $2/mo supports our advocacy for funding important air science monitoring stations in the Northeast responsible for monitoring air pollutants from power plant and industrial smokestacks that cause acid rain, soot, smog and climate change.
  • $50 or $4/mo promotes the preservation of wilderness by working to partners and state agencies to document, assess and reduce overuse in sensitive areas across the High Peaks and other high use areas of the Forest Preserve.
  • $75 or $6.25/mo allows an Adirondack Council staff member to speak with local high school and college students about conservation policy, advocacy efforts and green jobs/careers.
  • $100 or $8/mo helps fund our micro grant program in support of local farmers and value-added food/beverage/fiber producers. The initiative is an effort to support climate-friendly economic activity in the Adirondack Park.  
  • $250 or $20/mo delivers the annual State of the Park report – an annual rating of government actions affecting the Adirondack Park - to New York State policymakers.
  • $500 or $42/mo allows our conservation and government relations staff members to write monthly public comment letters regarding agency projects or analyze and respond to pending legislation.
  • $1,000 or $80/mo helps sponsor a Clarence Petty Internship for an aspiring conservation professional to work with our conservation or government relations staff.