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Donations of $50 or more can choose a gift to accompany the gift membership.

Give a gift membership and introduce friends and family to the environmental, economic and political challenges and opportunities in the Adirondacks. Celebrate a birthday, graduation, wedding or any special occasion with an eco-friendly gift membership. Your gift membership will help support the conservation advocacy work of the Adirondack Council. 

As a member of the Adirondack Council you receive:

  • The State of the Park report: the latest information on what elected officials are doing for the Park;
  • Call of the Loon newsletter: the issues, people and trends in the six-million-acre Adirondack Park;
  • Emails from our In and About the Park blog, action alerts and updates on Park-related issues;
  • An invitation to our Annual Forever Wild Day and Membership Meeting, an opportunity to meet other people who share your concerns and appreciation of the Park;
  • Special activist alerts and opportunities for action;
  • Satisfaction in doing your part to make the Adirondacks and the Earth a better place!