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Nearly 500 animal species, including 87 that are rare in New York, live in the Adirondack Park. As a crucial home for migratory birds, mammals like the majestic moose, reptiles, butterflies and countless type of fish, it’s imperative that we protect the sensitive habitats within the Adirondack Park and preserve its wilderness to ensure the health and survival of this wildlife. 

Your donation today will help the Adirondack Council advocate for:

Updated forestry policies and practices with an eye toward providing habitats for a range of wildlife species.

A general ban of all-terrain vehicles from public lands in the Adirondacks that provide critical habitats to wildlife.

Funding for scientific research to inform state land and water management decisions involving wildlife habitats.

Creating a Forever Wild 25,000-acre lowland boreal wilderness area to protect rare habitats.

Reforming development practices to include conservation design when projects involve large sub-divisions.

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