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Water is the lifeblood of the Adirondacks. Wild mountain lakes and ponds throughout the Park provide critical habitats for wildlife. Communities and homeowners alike depend on clean lakes, streams, and groundwater for their drinking water. Businesses rely on abundant, clean water for tourism and recreation. Adirondack waters are threatened by aquatic invasive species, outdated wastewater infrastructure, over-application of road salt for winter maintenance, acid rain, impacts of climate change, failing septic systems, and even overuse by well-meaning outdoor enthusiasts. 

Your donation today will support our Clean Water Initiative and help the Adirondack Council advocate for:

A law that makes it mandatory to stop and use boat-washing stations to prevent the spread of harmful invasive species.

Grants to upgrade wastewater treatment facilities and keep sewage out of Adirondack waters.

Federal funding to continue ongoing acid rain research and monitoring.

Reducing/replacing road salt for winter road maintenance.

Addressing impacts of recreational use and issues of overuse.

Designated state funding to support applied water quality research by Adirondack colleges, organizations and government agencies.

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